Our Aims
  • We aim to help as many people worldwide as possible, suffering from poverty, illness, abuse and homelessness.
  • We can help by providing them food, clothing and a safe place to go when they need help.Somewhere they can get support, advice and training.
  • We also plan to support educational facilities worldwide, offering training to the young and the old and children, to help them get the skills and knowledge they need to prepare them for the future, so that they, inturn, will go on to train others.
  • These people may one day become the doctirs that find cures for cancer and HIV, they may be the scientists that help us live and work on other planets, creating and protecting a new world.
  • They may discover the way to rid this world of pollution and global warming.
  • They could be the leaders in reducing the crime rates to zero, or the death tolls in children
    to nothing.nce to do it.
  • We can give them that chance. Even if we only help one person, and then that one person
    grows up to help millions, then our work has been worthwhile. 
  • We are not a government agency or a charity. We are a private company that wants to make a difference.
  • We do not do it for thanks or recognition, we do it because we feel we need to do it,
If you would like to help, the unfortunate men, women and children worldwide.  

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